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Student of the Week

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As a former teacher, I realize what a wide variety of fantastic and talented students we have in every grade level at every school. Too many times a lot of these students are overlooked and underappreciated! I want this to be a forum to bring honor, praise, attention, and recognition to these students for the great things they are doing. Family members, teachers, coaches, and mentors; thank you for your investment of time and care into the lives of these young people! Please take time to nominate a student you feel deserves a little recognition for the great things they’re doing in our schools and the community.

If selected as “Midland Insurance Student of the Week,” your student will be recognized on my business Facebook page, and he or she will also receive a certificate recognizing their achievement, as well as a t-shirt. I look forward to receiving your submission!

Fill out the form below to nominate a student for Midland Insurance Student of the Week!

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